Our Vision As A Fairfax Remodeling Company
- TDI Construction Group Inc

Our goal is to simply provide the highest level of service possible every time, on time, on budget, exactly as promised - PERIOD.

About Fairfax Remodeling ContractorTDI Construction Group Inc will accomplish this through creative design and educating our clients on the process’s we will use to complete there new home improvement project, along with ongoing training and support systems for all of our field, design and management staff.

We will use detailed plans from the moment a client signs with us to ensure complete follow through of there project with no detail overlooked. Our “Completion Plan” will ensure the pre-construction process will be orderly and exact, our “Working Plans” will be detailed with all information and materials to be used, our “Job Plan” will outline what will happen each day of physical construction and who will be doing what. Our “Service and Warranty Plan” will provide all necessary support to our clients for any and all warranty help in the future.

Our systems will be used on every project. These systems will allow us to give our clients the piece of mind they deserve and a solid foundation of excellence for each and every project we build today and future projects that have yet to be conceived.

Our staff will ensure continuing support, education and training to everyone in our company and everyone who we work with.

This vision is the substance we will use to grow a world class enterprise and set the benchmarks to ensure continuing success into the future.

Remodeling Services in Fairfax

If you are looking for a professional Fairfax remodeling contractor, then please call 703-570-1974 or complete our online request form.